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About Us

Chim-Chimney has proudly offered home services for residential and commercial properties since 2000. We work with you to plan every step of the process and ensure that your satisfaction is met. With a team of experts and a variety of professional services available, you can be sure your house will be taken care of.

From the smallest to the largest task, we believe your home deserves top-priority service that is efficient and reliable. This is why we started Chim-Chimney, to deliver quality professional services that you can trust.

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your experience is seamless from start to finish. We understand the importance of providing an exceptional customer experience, and it is something we take great pride in. From the moment you reach out to us, we are committed to providing you with outstanding service, addressing your needs promptly and effectively. We strive to exceed your expectations by going the extra mile to deliver a personalized and memorable experience. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we are here to make every interaction with our team a truly exceptional one.


Gene Kaposy

General Manager


Josh Mell

Operations Manager

2023-12-18 18_34_22.774-0600.jpg

Darin Davidson


2023-12-11 20_46_24.595-0600.jpg

Kelsey Chrisman

Director of Customer Experience and Marketing Strategy


Dustin Edens

Repair Scheduler


Trey Hill

Certified Chimney Sweep

2023-12-11 20_03_16.312-0600.jpg

Kirsten Rollins


2023-12-11 20_09_11.608-0600.jpg

Sandra Perry


2023-12-18 18_37_59.522-0600.jpg

Jonathan Nipps

Certified Chimney Sweep

2023-12-18 18_41_03.359-0600.jpg

Landon Nix

Certified Chimney Sweep

2023-03-24 16_35_33.719-0500.jpg

Kyle Shick

Certified Chimney Sweep


Ron Sikorski

Certified Chimney Sweep

2023-12-18 18_42_42.759-0600.jpg

Rutger Meister

Repair Tech


Ben Bohl

Repair Tech Lead

2023-03-24 16_36_26.089-0500.jpg

Danyon Edens

Repair Tech

2023-12-18 18_32_03.426-0600.jpg

Ross Steele

Repair Tech Lead

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