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Or Pizza Oven Installation From Chim Chimney

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Is there a way to make peaceful evenings in Nashville even better? With a wood pizza oven outdoors, you can fill the air with the irresistible aroma of wood-fired pizzas. You can gather around your patio with friends and family. At Chim Chimney, we create your dream outdoor kitchen or pizza oven exactly as you envision it. Discover what makes our pizza oven installation the best in Nashville, TN.

Experts in Custom Pizza Ovens & Outdoor Kitchens

Our pizza oven installation is so popular with Nashville homeowners because we create custom pizza ovens and outdoor kitchens that fit your personal style. We can customize everything from masonry materials to the shape of the pizza oven. Here are some pizza oven ideas for inspiration:

  1. Brick fireplace with wood oven
  2. Rustic outdoor kitchen with wood-burning oven
  3. Tuscan-inspired pizza oven with stone arch
  4. Covered outdoor kitchen with contemporary pizza oven
  5. Outdoor bar with sleek metal pizza oven
  6. Elegant pizza oven with granite surfaces
  7. Industrial chic with concrete pizza oven
  8. Artistic pizza oven designs with ceramic mosaics

Whether you’re looking for something small and charming or large and inviting, we can create the perfect pizza oven and outdoor kitchen for your home. Whatever you imagine, we can build it.

The Benefits of Pizza Oven Installation

Building an outdoor pizza oven is a decision you’ll never regret. It’s good for your family, good for your home, and good for your happiness. That’s why many homeowners have contacted us for pizza oven installation in Nashville, TN, and surrounding areas.

A Boost to Your Home’s Resale Value

We know that you’re probably not planning on selling your home anytime soon, but you should still know that an outdoor pizza oven adds a lot to your property’s resale value. Potential buyers fall in love with outdoor kitchens and pizza ovens, especially custom ones. Having a gorgeous outdoor spot to relax and entertain friends is hard for anyone to resist.

Unforgettable Moments as a Family

One of the main purposes of choosing pizza oven installation is to celebrate life. Italian families knew what they were talking about. Gathering around a pizza oven and eating delicious pizza with the people you love is a great way to draw everyone together. Even teens can’t resist the pull of crispy, smoky pizza made in a wood pizza oven.

Amazing Outdoor Entertaining

A stunning patio with a pizza oven makes your home the go-to place for outdoor entertaining. Friends love it. Family members love it. You get the amazing aromas of freshly made pizzas, the warmth of the perfect conversation spot, and the beauty of a stylish outdoor space.

Whether your parties consist of custom cocktails and tapas or game-day pizzas and hot wings, our pizza oven installation takes things to the next level. What really turns heads are the style accents we can add. From distinctive arches to incredible terracotta designs, these details add major personality to your home’s exterior.

Backyard Grilling with Style and Convenience

When you have an outdoor kitchen and a pizza oven, you’re more likely to spend evenings outside grilling. It’s faster and easier to prepare meals and enjoy summer. This also has benefits for your happiness and health. The more time you spend on your patio, the more relaxed and refreshed you feel.

With a custom outdoor kitchen, you have all the storage space you need right at your fingertips. Your pizza oven is ready to go anytime, and you don’t have to go back and forth between your kitchen and the patio.

Healthy and Delicious Homemade Pizza

Don’t forget about the benefits of wood-fired pizza itself. The flavor and crust of mouthwatering pizza made from scratch and cooked in a wood oven is something you can’t get anywhere else. Wood-burning ovens are also great for cooking other delicious foods, including smoked meats, roasted veggies, grilled fish, flatbread or garlic bread, corn-on-the-cob, and even baked desserts such as cinnamon rolls.

How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace with Pizza Oven

To get the pizza oven of your dreams, it’s essential to call professionals in pizza oven installation. Building a pizza oven that lasts a lifetime is more complicated than you may think. We use high-quality materials and the best techniques, so your new oven stands up to the elements year after year without problems. Decades later, it still looks amazing and performs perfectly.

Chim Chimney for Pizza Oven Installation in Nashville

Choose the masonry experts at Chim Chimney for the best pizza oven installation in Nashville, TN. Enjoy an incredible pizza oven without having to lift a finger. Our team takes care of everything, from helping you choose the style you love to ordering the stone or granite for your outdoor kitchen.

We design, build, and install everything ourselves on location, so you get an exclusive pizza oven that no one else has. Of course, if you see pizza oven ideas you like online, our professionals can recreate the style using the materials and accents you want.

Learn more about pizza oven installation by contacting us right away in Nashville, TN. We’re also happy to travel to surrounding areas to give you the custom pizza oven or outdoor kitchen you’ve been waiting for.

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