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Or Choosing The Right Fireplace From Chim Chimney

A fireplace can keep you warm in the winter, and it can play a big role in your interior design style all year long. Whether your home originally came with a fireplace and you’re looking for an upgrade or you’re choosing your home’s first fireplace, there are plenty of different options on the market. At Chim Chimney, we’re committed to helping our Nashville neighbors have chimneys they feel comfortable with and love the look of. Start exploring different types of fireplaces in homes so you can find your favorite. 

Types of Fireplaces

There are lots of different fireplaces, and they can differ by construction style, size, price, and many other factors. One of the easiest ways to start shopping around for types of fireplaces is to decide based on what type of fuel you want to use: wood, gas, or electricity.

Wood Burning Fireplace

Wood-burning fireplaces are a traditional, timeless choice. Picture a big brick hearth in your living room, a cozy focal point that transforms the room. However, this can be a pricey type of fireplace to add to your home if it doesn’t already have one—however, you can more cost-efficiently renovate and upgrade an old existing one.

Wood Stove

Wood stoves burn wood just like traditional fireplaces, but they are small, hot stoves instead of built-in fireplaces. They’re self-contained appliances that can be installed virtually anywhere in your home, either for cooking or heating. The installation is much simpler than with wood-burning fireplaces, and they create a warm, cozy vibe when fireplaces are simply too expensive. 

Vented or Ventless Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners who don’t want the mess and smoke of a wood-burning fire. These fireplaces can be built to use either natural gas or propane. They create crisp, vivid flames and can be used for heat just like conventional fireplaces. 

Vented fireplaces have direct vent systems, with an intake vent to provide air and an exhaust vent to push gas out of your home. Ventless systems are designed to not require vents, but this does increase the risk of CO in your home. Ventless fireplaces are also banned in many parts of the United States for safety reasons, so reach out to a fireplace professional if you’re considering any gas fireplace.

Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are a simple alternative to traditional fireplaces. They’re a convenient, versatile option that is very easy to install virtually anywhere in your home. Electric fireplaces are simple plug-in fixtures that provide a low level of warmth and beautiful LED flames. Within the electric fireplace options, there are a wide array of choices, such as built-ins, electric mantels, and even wall-mounted fireplaces. 

Chim Chimney: Your Expert in Chimney Cleaning Services

Installing a new fireplace in your home serves a lot of different functions. You can spend tranquil evenings in front of the fire or have a backup heat source during a power outage. You can elevate the look of a room with a new fixture or remodel your home to match your aesthetic. Chim Chimney can be there every step of the way to ensure your fireplace is safely installed and your chimneys and vents are in good working order. Reach out today to schedule an appointment to inspect your fireplace.

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