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Or Best Time For Chimney Repairs From Chim Chimney

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Think just because you don’t use your fireplace, or recently switched to a gas insert, that you are clear from chimney repairs? Think again! It’s easy to forget about the chimney when you aren’t a frequent fireplace user, but that does not remove the risk of needing a chimney inspection. Here are a few visible clues that it may be time to call Chim Chimney

  1. The cap on your chimney is missing. All you have to do is look at your chimney to be sure your cap is still there. If it has blown off, rain can enter your chimney and animals can build nests, both resulting in potential major damages over time.
  2. The crown on the chimney is damaged. The crown is the concrete slab at the top of the chimney. If it is cracked, you again have the potential for rain to enter your chimney and cause hefty rotting, mildew, mold, and a host of other damages.
  3. The mortar joints on your chimney are damaged. Damage between chimney masonry heightens the exposure of the bricks to more water. Freezing and thawing will cause large cracks over time and may lead to a chimney collapse. The exposed part of your chimney should be checked first, but also inspect your firebox for the same type of damage.
  4. You notice white discoloration on your chimney. This is a very good indicator that you need more than a cleaning. A crystalline deposit on the surface of your masonry, called efflorescence, is usually the result of the intrusion of water over time due to damage to the cap, crown, or mortar joints.
  5. You have a rusted damper or firebox – If you experience difficulty opening and closing your damper or see visible signs of rust in the firebox, you have a moisture problem on your hands. This typically starts with the cap, crown, or mortar joint issues, but can result in a cracked flue lining which can be dangerous for your home. The more the lining deteriorates, the greater the risk of a house fire.

Chim Chimney technicians are fully qualified to give your entire chimney system a thorough inspection and offer solutions for any potential problems. We keep a Master Mason on our staff and pride ourselves on the quality of our work. Contact us today.

For more information on chimney repair, give us a call!

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